Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

16. VII.

18. IX.

17. VIII:30. CFA


17. VIII:30. CFA
17. VIII:30.

Morning at home, finish Burlamaqui, fatigue from riding, dinner party at home, disagreeable, Mr. Randall and C. J. Ingersoll,1 evening, Ball at Mrs. Huyghen’s,2 Georgetown.


Charles Jared Ingersoll (1782–1862), the Philadelphia lawyer who had been a Pennsylvania Representative from 1813 to 1815 and had since served as United States district attorney for his state ( Biog. Dir. Cong. ).


Wife of the Chevalier C. P. E. J. Bangeman Huygens, minister plenipotentiary from the Netherlands from 1825 to 1832 (Bemis, JQA , 1:273).