Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

3. VIII:30.

5. X.

4. VIII:45. CFA


4. VIII:45. CFA
4. VIII:45.

Morning, Capitol with J. Hellen, House of Representatives, Mr. McLane of Delaware, Mr. Powell,1 evening at home.


The House was debating the propriety of sending United States representatives to the Inter-American Congress at Panama. McLane wished to forbid our ministers from discussing “any proposition of alliance, offensive or defensive, between this country and any of the South American Governments.” Alfred A. Powell, of Virginia, agreed that “every thing in the shape of a pledge” to the Latin American states should be avoided, but he emphatically endorsed the sending of the mission, which was “demanded by high and important considerations, bearing directly upon the special interests of the Union” ( Register of Debates in Congress , 19 Cong., 1 sess., 2:2011–2029).