Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

16. IX:20.

Thursday 18th.

17. IX. CFA


17. IX. CFA
17. IX.

Morning, walk to the Capitol, Supreme Court, Argument on the Insolvent Law, Mr. Ogden and Mr. Wheaton,1 evening, a Drawing room.


In this and later entries CFA refers to the celebrated case of Ogden v. Saunders (12 Wheaton 213), which involved the respective powers of the federal government and the states over the subject of bankruptcy. David Bayard Ogden (1775–1849), Walter Jones (1776–1861), William Sampson (1764–1836), William Wirt, and Edward Livingston defended the validity of state bankruptcy laws; Daniel Webster and Henry Wheaton were their opponents. On 18 Feb. 1827 the Supreme Court, by a 4–3 decision, upheld the state laws. See Charles Warren, The Supreme Court in United States History, Boston, 1947, 1:686–690.