Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Tuesday 30th.

February. 1827. Thursday. 1. IX.

Wednesday 31st.<a xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0" href="#DCA02d575n1" class="note" id="DCA02d575n1a">1</a> CFA


Wednesday 31st. CFA
Wednesday 31st.1

I walked to the Capitol, but finding nothing was going on, returned directly. In the evening, we had a Drawing room. My time passed quite agreeably. I spent most of the evening with Miss Brooks. This young lady has been somewhat in my mind of late. I have been somewhat disposed to pay her attentions, which in the first place were paid only from an inability to get rid of them. But latterly I have been thinking more seriously, whether it would not be expedient to pursue the subject. My mind is not yet made up.


CFA was at home during the morning, reading Voltaire (D/CFA/1).