Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

5. VIII.

7. IX:15.

6. IX. CFA


6. IX. CFA
6. IX.

Morning, walk, arrangement with Mr. Dickinson,1 Note from Abby, and Mr. Everett, unfavourable news,2 evening at home, low spirits.


Anson Dickinson (1779–1852), one of the most successful miniaturists of his day (Groce and Wallace, Dict. Amer. Artists ). His portrait of CFA was completed a few days later and was intended for Abigail Brooks; see entries for 10 and 12 March, below.


Abigail Brooks’ note to CFA is missing. Everett’s letter relayed P. C. Brooks’ injunction to his daughter: “Considering . . . that you are away from home, that you are both very young, that your acquaintance is a short one, that the thing has come upon us most unexpectedly, and that we have no personal knowlege of Mr. Adams,—I hope you will not think it unreasonable, or unfeeling, if we make it our request that your answer to Mr. Adams be delayed for the present.” Everett wrote to ask “more specifically and definitively” what Mr. Brooks’ wishes were and, pending a reply, took his sister-in-law and his wife on a trip into the Shenandoah valley (P. C. Brooks to Abigail Brown Brooks, 1 Mar. 1827; Everett to CFA, 5 Mar. 1827, Adams Papers).