Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Saturday. March 10th –Tuesday, 20 March.

12. VIII.

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11. IX. CFA
11. IX.1

Morning at home, copy Mr. Jefferson’s letter to Mr. Van Beuren,2 pain in my face, evening with the family.


From D/CFA/1.


In 1824 Martin Van Buren sent Thomas Jefferson a copy of Timothy Pickering’s A Review of the Correspondence between the Hon. John Adams and the Late William Cunningham, Esq. (see entry for 17 May 1824, and note, above). Jefferson replied on 29 June 1824, explaining his relations with JA, Elbridge Gerry, and other politicians of the Federalist era, defending his connection with the Mazzei letter, and denying any break with George Washington (Jefferson, Writings, ed. Ford, 10:305–316).