Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Friday. April 6th.

Sunday April 8th.

Saturday. April 7th. CFA


Saturday. April 7th. CFA
Saturday. April 7th.

Completed my share of Executive Record and of Maltebrun before I breakfasted. After that instead of law I went to sit to King who kept me until nearly two o’clock, and I was engaged after that in arranging my father’s files of newspapers for the last month. A great bore. My spirits not remarkably good. In the evening I read a portion of Judge Cranch’s sketch of my Grandfather.1 I am clearly of opinion that he was the most extraordinary character who figured in the American revolution.


There is a copy of William Cranch’s Memoir of the Life, Character, and Writings of John Adams, Washington, 1827, in the Stone Library and another among JQA’s books in the Boston Athenaeum.