Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Tuesday. April 10th.

Thursday. April 12th.

Wednesday. April 11th. CFA


Wednesday. April 11th. CFA
Wednesday. April 11th.

Finished the requisite quantity of Ex. Rec. and read a little of geography before breakfast, and was pretty studiously employed upon law, after which I took two hours of leisure, and went over the river. After dinner I rode to Bladensburg with John. This was one of my deeply melancholy days in which I look upon life as a thing in no respect capable of producing happiness to me. My God! The ideas which I have upon this subject are almost too dreadful to hint at. But I know most certainly that they produce deep misery to me. A short time may discover all. No letter from Abby yet, what can be the case with her; there lies the cause of all this feeling. My God! the trial is almost too severe.