Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Thursday. April 26th.

Saturday April 28th.

Friday. April 27th. CFA


Friday. April 27th. CFA
Friday. April 27th.

I wrote my Record and performed my duty in Geography exceedingly well. But after Breakfast, instead of studying, I wasted the day in fishing and came home in bad humour. This was much increased by a mistake in not receiving a letter from Abby immediately and thereby concluding that there was none. I afterwards got it, but it produced very little gratification, why or wherefore I could not myself divine. I had a nervous head ach for the remainder of the day and cursed my fishing excursion. I rode with Madame, and answered Abby’s letter in the evening but in less spirit than usual. I am afraid 125I am growing a little jealous. Her last seems written with more effort than the others.