Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Thursday. May 3d 1827.

Saturday May 5th.

Friday. May 4th. CFA


Friday. May 4th. CFA
Friday. May 4th.

Morning as usual. But Wyer interrupted me in my Law and so I lost an hour. The afternoon was entirely occupied in writing an answer to Abby. In the evening I rode out with John. We went to the burying ground on the Eastern branch as I happened to say in going near it that I had never seen it. It will in time be a melancholy monument. Clinton and Gerry1 are now the most distinguished of those who lie there. The members of Congress have only a simple low block of stone with their names. In treading over remains of useful and distinguished men an awe strikes me which in common places of this sort I never feel. Indeed having diverged a little, my risibles were a little excited by these lines Weep not, my wife, nor mother dear Your son’s not dead but sleeping here. Billiards in the evening.


George Clinton (1739–1812) and Elbridge Gerry (1744–1814), both Vice-Presidents, were buried in the congressional cemetery in Washington.