Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Tuesday 8th.

Thursday. 10th May.

Wednesday 9th May. CFA


Wednesday 9th May. CFA
Wednesday 9th May.

Morning duties as usual. And law with the rest excepting an hour in which I was engaged in trying to get a tooth extracted but the Dentist had left the City for the day. It has required no ordinary degree of resolution to come to the decision that it should be done, and the delay therefore affected my spirits. Indeed this was one of my deeply melancholy days. God knows, they come often now. We had a party to dine, 128to make the matter worse, as I am in no humor to entertain company at this season of the year. Mrs., Miss and Columbus Munroe, Mrs. Rush Senior, Messrs. Rush and Southard, Dr. and Mrs. Watkins, Mr. Cutts, Mr. Lee, Mrs. Cooper, the bride, and Mr. A. Vail made the company, which was very stupid.