Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Sunday May 13th.

Tuesday May 15th.

Monday. May 14th. CFA


Monday. May 14th. CFA
Monday. May 14th.

Employed much as usual. I commenced another volume of my Copy of the Executive Record, making the third and probably the last which I shall accomplish during my stay here. Not finishing as I had intended in consequence of the abridgment of my stay. I received a letter from Abby.1 During the two past days I have been reading Vivian Grey and finished it to day instead of reading Law. At least I found it impossible to do so. The book strikes me as of very considerable merit. Not being able to fix upon any thing in the way of study after it, I went to fish.2




CFA also read Hawkesworth’s Voyages. He spent the evening with the ladies of the family (D/CFA/1).