Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Tuesday May 15th.

Thursday May 17th.

Wednesday May 16th. CFA


Wednesday May 16th. CFA
Wednesday May 16th.

Owing to my fatigue I did not perform my exercises as usual before breakfast. And consequently was occupied during a large part of the morning in making up the omissions for the two mornings regular occupation. But my law suffered in consequence. I barely finished this when I sat down to write to Abby an answer to the two last of her’s. Our information from Boston has been that George has failed in his election to the Legislature on the first trial, but with such a vote that it is probable he will succeed in the next.1 Evening at home as usual. Billiards.


Running for the Massachusetts legislature on a pro-Administration ticket, GWA received 1430 votes, but 1585 were required for a choice. His defeat was apparently due to the presence of five tickets in the field, for only candidates who received the endorsement of two or more factions were chosen (JQA, Diary, 16 May 1827; Columbian Centinel, 9 and 12 May 1301827). Promptly renominated, GWA also failed on the second election attempt (Columbian Centinel, 19 May 1827).