Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Thursday May 17th.

Saturday May 19th.

Friday May 18th. CFA


Friday May 18th. CFA
Friday May 18th.

Occupations of the morning tolerably well performed. I did not read Coke today, otherwise regular. Received a letter from Richardson1 and spent my afternoon in rather a lazy manner as I felt as if I had not yet recovered from the fatigue of the other day. I read Tacitus as usual however and wrote a draught of a letter I am to send to Mr. Brooks, which I put by to consider of.

We had company to dine at the House today. Mr. and Mrs. Clay, Mr. and Mrs. Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Macomb, Mr. and Mrs. Mason Junr., Mr. and Mrs. Gales, Mrs. Johnston, Captains Hull2 and Chauncey and Lieut. Gordon of the Navy3 composed the company. It was stupid, particularly as I got situated directly between the new married Couple to whom the dinner was given. Evening dull. Billiards with the family. My feelings are rapidly undergoing a change here as I no longer feel the interest in things here which I had. My thoughts, feelings and affections lead me to think of another quarter. The family too seems to have lost the tone which it used to be my gratification to cultivate. I came here with feelings of the most anxious kind to remain, and was unhappy if I was absent, looking upon this place as the centre of pleasure and happiness. It has now lost all its attractions and I am anxious to leave it. Such are the effects of time, and the power of circumstances.




Isaac Hull (1773–1843), the famous naval officer who had commanded the Constitution in her fight with the Guerrière ( DAB ).


Lt. William L. Gordon, of Virginia (Force, National Calendar, 1824, p. 133).