Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Friday June 15th.

Sunday June 17th.

Saturday. June 16th. CFA


Saturday. June 16th. CFA
Saturday. June 16th.

Morning at home, Weather being very warm, I was not so well engaged as I should have been though. My time was a little wasted, it must be confessed. I forgot to mention yesterday that I received three letters, one from Abby, one from Mr. Brooks in answer to mine1 and one from Richardson.2 The second was a mild, moderate answer and pleased me well, although in very general terms. Two gentlemen dined here, Messrs. Talliaferro of Virginia and C. Biddle of Philadelphia.3 Blunt was to have been here but he left the City. In the evening a ride.


P. C. Brooks declared himself pleased with CFA’s letter of 24 May, “not only as shewing a thoughtfulness and forecast not always to be found in young gentlemen of your time of life, but as indicating fixed views for the future” (Brooks to CFA, 11 June 1827, Adams Papers).




John Taliaferro (1768–1852), who served as a Virginia Congressman from 1824 to 1831 and from 1835 to 1843 ( Biog. Dir. Cong. ); Clement Cornell Biddle (1784–1855), a Philadelphia lawyer, who had served in the War of 1812 and had edited Say’s work on political economy ( Appletons’ Cyclo. Amer. Biog. ).