Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Saturday June 23d.

Monday June 25th.

Sunday June 24th. CFA


Sunday June 24th. CFA
Sunday June 24th.

Morning as usual. In the day I was occupied in filing and arranging papers as usual. After which I sat down and wrote a long letter to Abby in answer to her last. In which I got over the subject which she touches, for the present. At some future time it will be well to say more of it.1 In the evening I took a ride with my father and Mother. The former of these two seems in very low spirits today and not in good health. I have felt much concerned for him.2


CFA warned his fiancée that GWA’s severity toward Mary C. Hellen was “a sure sign that passion is still at the bottom,” and he promised at some future time to give a full history of Mary’s flirtations (CFA to Abigail B. Brooks, 24 June 1827, Adams Papers).


Because of ill health JQA was temporarily forced to suspend his morning swims in the Potomac and to substitute a walk in the fields (JQA, Diary, 25 June 1827).