Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Friday June 29th.

Sunday July 1st.

141 Saturday June 30th. CFA


Saturday June 30th. CFA
Saturday June 30th.

Miss Roberdeau and Mary remain to take care of the family. I studied as usual. Received a letter from Abby which did not please me, and this added to my feelings at the moment, produced rather a querulous reply.1 In the evening I rode with John.


Abigail wrote that her former suitor, Ignatius Sargent, who was a business partner of Peter C. Brooks Jr., had come to Medford twice during the previous week to see her (Abigail B. Brooks to CFA, 24 June 1827, Adams Papers). CFA replied stiffly that it seemed that Sargent “was yielding to an unnecessary temptation to see a great deal of you,” but he added: “I am not jealous of him for the single reason that I am not afraid of you” (CFA to Abigail B. Brooks, 30 June 1827, same).