Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Tuesday July 3rd.

Thursday July 5th.

142 Wednesday July 4th. CFA


Wednesday July 4th. CFA
Wednesday July 4th.

Of course, a great deal of noise and dust and heat. The President opened the House as usual, after the ceremonies of the day which I avoided. The people literally are the visiters on this day, and have fairly driven every body away from attending. I could not bear an existence for longer than two minutes among the heated and not very agreeable breezes of the Circular Saloon. My feelings certainly tend to the aristocratic opinions, and I have reasoned with myself enough to counteract it. But it is of no use. Early rooted opinions will probably have a material influence upon my future success. The weather which had been terribly warm all day, cooled off with the assistance of a thunder shower. A ride in the evening, and conversation with Mary.