Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Tuesday July 27th i.e. 17.

Diary. July 31st. 1827

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Diary1 31st July 1827 15 October 1828.

Among your principles I wish you may govern your conduct upon that of resort to reading, as the pleasure, to speaking as the relaxation, and to writing as the labour of life.

J. Q. Adams

ουδε η αρετη και κακια εν πεσει, αλλα ενεργεια.

Neither virtue nor vice consist in passive sentiment, but in action.

Mar. Aur. Antoninus.

Titlepage of D/CFA/6, from which the following entries through 16 October 1828 derive. See the descriptive listing of CFA’s MS diaries in the Introduction.