Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

July 31st. 1827.

Thursday. August 2d. 1827.

August 1st. 1827. CFA


August 1st. 1827. CFA
August 1st. 1827.

Roused most shockingly early in order to take the morning Steam boat for Philadelphia. Found on board Mr. and Mrs. Bankhead of the English Legation. He is no favourite of mine but in travelling we forget slight dislikes. She is in a terrible state of debility and needs more care and attention than he (with all his love of her) is capable of. Some men are so naturally constituted as not to understand these matters. I offered seats to them in my father’s Carriage and he also invited Govr. Williams of South Carolina.1

Upon arriving at Philadelphia we went to Renshaw’s Hotel in Chesnut Street and with difficulty obtained accommodations—So unexpected has his approach been. Mr. Walsh posted in directly afterwards and obtained my father’s promise to go to his house to tea. Mr. Sergeant came in afterwards and sat for a short time. But they all went to Walsh’s accepting an excuse in my place. William D. Lewis2 came in and talked over a Supper with me. Philadelphia is decidedly hotter than Washington. My room was almost suffocating.


David Rogerson Williams (1776–1830), who had represented South Carolina in Congress, had served as governor of that state from 1814 to 1816, and was cur-148rently a member of the state senate ( Biog. Dir. Cong. ).


William David Lewis (1792–1881), the Philadelphia importer and commission merchant ( DAB ).