Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Friday. August 3d. 1827.

Sunday August 5th. 1827.

Saturday August 4th. 1827. CFA


Saturday August 4th. 1827. CFA
Saturday August 4th. 1827.

We arrived at Providence in 19 hours from New York. The time would have been still less had it not been for a fog which enveloped us a short distance round Point Judith. From Providence we were eight or nine hours in reaching Quincy owing to the heat of the day. I stopped here but a few minutes and then went on to Boston. But it was late before I arrived and I then found Mr. Chardon Brooks Jr.1 with a Note from his Father asking me to go to Medford which of course I could not do at that time in the evening so I deferred it.


Peter Chardon Brooks Jr. (1798–1880). See Adams Genealogy. The note from P. C. Brooks Sr. is missing.