Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Friday August 10th. 1827.

Sunday August 12th. 1827.

Saturday. August 11th. 1827. CFA


Saturday. August 11th. 1827. CFA
Saturday. August 11th. 1827.

The whole day passed at Quincy in reading. Mr. Edward Miller, Mr. Marston and Mr. Beale1 dined with us. They are Quincy gentlemen, and have pleased me more in this my last visit than I had thought. My father was called upon in the evening by Mr. Webster and his New Hampshire brother2 but he had gone with Mr. Quincy and 151Col. Perkins3 to see the Railway. George came out with Col. Winthrop in the evening and we had a lively conversation upon the subject of Genl. Jackson’s late letter.4


George W. Beale (1782–1851), whose estate adjoined the Adams homestead on the west (Pattee, Old Braintree and Quincy , p. 241).


Ezekiel Webster (1780–1829), who managed the Webster family farm in Boscawen, N.H. (Fuess, Webster , 1:14, 92–93).


Thomas Handasyd Perkins (1764–1854), the Boston merchant, philanthropist, and Federalist politician, was president of the Quincy granite quarry and had one of the first railroads in the United States constructed to carry its products two miles to the sea ( DAB ; JQA, Diary, 11 Aug. 1827).


See entry for 8 July, and note, above.