Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Sunday August 12th. 1827.

Tuesday August 14th. 1827.

Monday August 13th. 1827. CFA


Monday August 13th. 1827. CFA
Monday August 13th. 1827.

I rode through Boston to Medford this morning. Found Abby quite happy to see me again and provoked a little at my staying quite so long away. The morning passed in conversation and after dinner I drove her in my gig to Winter Hill1 where Mrs. Everett lives. Found her looking badly, and apparently in depressed spirits. The reason is beyond me, but I have my suspicions.2 We returned to Medford in time to meet Mrs. Bainbridge at tea, and a Mr. Breed of Charlestown3 who was remarkable for a most atrocious deformity in his jaw which projected to such a degree that the upper front teeth were always out of the mouth. Mr. Cambreleng was there also, a quondam rival of mine. I remained at Medford.


In that part of Charlestown which is now Somerville.


Mrs. Everett was pregnant; her daughter, Grace Webster Everett, was born on 24 Dec. 1827 (Edward Franklin Everett, Descendants of Richard Everett of Dedham, Mass., Boston, 1902, p. 131).


Presumably Ebenezer Breed, a wealthy merchant who owned a fine residence and garden in Charlestown, where Mount Vernon Street now runs (Winsor, Memorial History of Boston , 3:555, 4:635).