Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Thursday 16th.

Saturday August 18th. 1827.

Friday August 17th. 1827. CFA


Friday August 17th. 1827. CFA
Friday August 17th. 1827.

Morning devoted quietly to reading. Dined at Genl. Dearborn’s at Roxbury whither I went with my father. A large Company. Mr. Everett, Gorham,1 the two Harrises,2 Col. Baldwin,3 Capt. and Mrs. Bainbridge, Capt. Morris, and Chauncy, Mr. Fuller,4 Mr. Child,5 and a number of the Custom House Officers. I fell in among these much to my regret as they were dull and unprofitable companions. The returning ride was cold and chilly.


Benjamin Gorham (1775–1855), brother of Mrs. P. C. Brooks, represented Massachusetts in Congress from 1820 to 1823, from 1827 to 1831, and from 1833 to 1835 ( Biog. Dir. Cong. ).


According to JQA, Samuel D. Harris, the United States marshal in Boston, was accompanied by two brothers (JQA, Diary, 17 Aug. 1827; Boston Directory, 1829–1830).


Probably Col. Loammi Baldwin (1780–1838), Harvard 1800, “Father of Civil Engineering in America” ( DAB ).


Timothy Fuller (1778–1835), who had been a Massachusetts Congressman from 1817 to 1825 and was now a member of the state legislature ( Biog. Dir. Cong. ).


David Lee Child (1794–1874), Harvard 1817, who was about to be admitted to the Suffolk County bar, to be chosen a member of the state legislature, and to become editor of the Massachusetts Journal, a pro-Adams paper ( DAB ).