Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Sunday August 19th. 1827.

Tuesday August 21st. 1827.

Monday. August 20th. 1827. CFA


Monday. August 20th. 1827. CFA
Monday. August 20th. 1827.

Took the Stage to Boston and from there I went directly to Medford where I found Abby and passed a pleasant day with her. Henry, her brother, had arrived from New York. She was as usual the pleasing attraction. My affection for her increases as I more clearly perceive the finer shades of character, and as my feelings become interested in drawing out fairly the attractive qualities, keeping in check the exuberances which unlimited indulgence has produced. I often think what a fool a man is to suffer himself to become entangled by his noble feelings, for if they do chance to be crushed, where is the limit to the bitterness of his Fate? But I have thrown aside the selfish philosophy and must abide the consequences.