Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Saturday August 25th. 1827.

Monday. August 27th. 1827.

Sunday. August 26th. 1827. CFA


Sunday. August 26th. 1827. CFA
Sunday. August 26th. 1827.

I attended Meeting, as it is called, both morning and afternoon. Mr. Burnap, a gentleman well remembered as in the class preceding ours at Cambridge, favoured us and made me sleepy. In the evening there was a round of Medford people to see my father, notwithstanding the violent rain, to all of whom I was introduced, and among others to two Miss Grays and one Miss Hall, cousins of Abby.1 The process was very fatiguing.


Charlotte and Henrietta Gray, daughters of the late Samuel Gray, of Salem, and Mary (Brooks) Gray, a sister of P. C. Brooks; and Mary Brooks Hall, daughter of Nathaniel Hall and Joanna Cotton (Brooks) Hall, another sister of P. C. Brooks (JQA, Diary, 26 Aug. 1827; Brooks, Medford , p. 527).