Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Thursday. August 30th. 1827.

Saturday September 1st. 1827.

Friday. August 31st. 1827. CFA


Friday. August 31st. 1827. CFA
Friday. August 31st. 1827.

Feeling so much better today I refused taking Medicine and passed the day quietly in reading, with the exception of about an hour in which I was occupied in learning how to bud on trees. The process is simple and easy to practise. My father seemed anxious to have me know and Mr. Price Greenleaf1 who was here soon taught me.


Ezekiel Price Greenleaf (1790–1886), nephew of Mrs. Daniel Greenleaf, was a parsimonious anchorite, “absolutely irrational as regards his habits and dress” (Greenleaf, Greenleaf Family , p. 96–98, 210).