Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Sunday September 2d 1827.

Tuesday. 4th.

Monday. September 3d. 1827. CFA


Monday. September 3d. 1827. CFA
Monday. September 3d. 1827.

I rode to Boston in the Stage, and after passing the Morning there, took a Chaise and drove to Medford by the way of Cambridge as it seemed doubtful when I should have the opportunity to see it again. Having obtained a Catalogue of the graduates at the Institution I passed to Medford. A dinner party. Genl. and Miss Van Rensselaer, Mr. and Mrs. Davis of New York,1 Mrs. Blodget of Gibraltar, Chardon Brooks and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Everett, Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham, My father and myself composed the Company. Sat between Abby and Miss Van Rensselaer. The latter is a cold reserved girl in her manners but said to be extremely agreeable when you know her well. Little of any moment took place. A little difficulty between Abby and Mrs. E. of no moment except as it enabled me to study more perfectly the character of the former. Remained at Medford.


Charles Davis, of New York, had married Eliza Bussey, daughter of Benjamin Bussey (Columbian Centinel, 23 Nov. 1803).