Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Friday. 14th.

Sunday. 16th.

Saturday. 15th. CFA


Saturday. 15th. CFA
Saturday. 15th.

Morning at the Office, thence to Harding’s and saw an opening 161likeness, thence to Miss Scollay’s to see a picture of her painting which is very pretty as coming from no professed artist,1 thence to the Navy Yard, with my Father and George, where we went over all the vessels building. There are under cover, two vessels of a hundred guns, one of sixty and a sloop of war, besides others in ordinary. Fine looking masses. From here we passed to Mr. Everett’s where we met Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Brooks Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Blodget. Mr. Brooks and Abby, Gorham and Mr. Thomson, an Englishman whom I saw at Washington but did not know last Winter. I sat next to Abby. First time George and I had seen her when we were together. He behaved singularly. After dinner, I doubted much during the Storm but finally concluded to go to Medford with Abby.


Catherine Scollay (d. 1863) was a self-taught Boston artist who exhibited her landscapes and figure paintings at the Athenaeum between 1827 and 1848 (Groce and Wallace, Dict. Amer. Artists ).