Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Sunday. 23d.

Tuesday 25th.

164 Monday. 24th. CFA


Monday. 24th. CFA
Monday. 24th.

I rode to Boston this morning with Mr. Brooks. Our conversation various, but not interesting. At the office all day very studiously disposed. But in the afternoon Mr. Webster came in and conversed with his Students in a very condescending manner. He discussed English politics and his ideas upon that subject were, as upon all, very luminous although not very striking as to novelty. I was much gratified however. In the evening, Mr. Denny, who is a fellow boarder, and I walked to the Theatre in Federal Street.1 Performances were School for Scandal and One hundred Pound Note.2 Acting barely tolerable.


The Federal Street Theater, on the corner of Federal and Franklin streets, was also called the Boston Theater and sometimes the Old Drury Theater ( Bacon’s Dict. of Boston , p. 135).


A farce by Richard Brinsley Peake.