Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Saturday 6th.

Monday. 8th.

Sunday 7th. CFA


Sunday 7th. CFA
Sunday 7th.

At Medford all day without attending Church. Mr. Stephen Gorham was here. A brother of Mrs. Brooks’.1 And while the family were absent Mr. and Mrs. E. Brooks called.2 As they have been living in the Country and not within convenient reach I have been deferring my visit to them from time to time. And it is unfortunate that of all the family they are the most punctilious. I have had notice that they are offended and must make up as soon as possible. Their treatment was civil but distant. Mr. Shepherd and his daughter also came in, and Gorham Brooks. Quiet in the evening.


Stephen Gorham (1776–1849), one of the sons of Nathaniel Gorham, lived in Charlestown (Thomas Bellows Wyman, The Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, . . . Massachusetts, 1629–1818, Boston, 1879, 1:424).


Edward Brooks (1793–1878), the oldest son of P. C. Brooks, married Elizabeth Boott (1799–1865). See Adams Genealogy.