Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Thursday 11th.

Saturday 13th.

Friday. October 12th. CFA


Friday. October 12th. CFA
Friday. October 12th.

Morning at the Office, and in Court of Common Pleas. It is my custom to devote the Morning to study but perhaps it would be equally useful to spend it there. I heard a case argued for the recovery of money lost at play. Action of assumpsit under a Special Statute of Massachusetts. It was also particularly interesting to me as Mr. Kinsman was making his first trial. He had the correct side and his opponent, Mr. S. D. Parker, did not succeed although his argument was ingenious enough. Verdict for the Plaintiff.1 I then went to Mr. R. D. Shepherd’s where Abby was passing the day with his daughter, and remained a little more than an hour. After dinner I rode out to Watertown and paid the long contemplated visit to Mr. and Mrs. E. Brooks. Not being at home, I left my Card. Returning through Cambridge I seized the occasion to repay the visit of Lothrop to me. As we were not on perfectly good terms when we separated, and he was so fortunate as to make the first visit by card, I was glad of being able to return it in character. And so we are even again. Evening busy at home.


The two attorneys were Henry W. Kinsman, whose office was at 33 Court Street, and Samuel D. Parker, whose office was in Rogers’ building ( Boston Directory, 1829–1830).