Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Saturday 13th.

Monday. 15th.

Sunday 14th. CFA


Sunday 14th. CFA
Sunday 14th.

Medford. Went to Meeting in the Morning. Walked with Mr. Brooks, both going and returning. Mr. Stetson, the Parson of the Parish, preached pompously enough. In the afternoon I read the Reviews, and in the evening I talked with Abby. My observation of her is at last leading me to one definite conclusion. I see where the principal trouble is likely to arise, but as yet have found no adequate 173plan to remedy the probable evil. Her feelings are most amazingly sensitive, inconceivably so to one who did not know her, and the mischief has been in her education, for these have been always nourished so much that she is still a child.