Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Monday. 15th.

Wednesday. 17th.

Tuesday. 16th. CFA


Tuesday. 16th. CFA
Tuesday. 16th.

According to my father’s advice in Saturday’s letter I arose at five o’clock, and wrote more than an hour by Candle light. As it is new I do not know how it will succeed, but I am determined that he shall not again say that I neglect his advice. My time was occupied in replying to his letter, and in copying the reply, which is also a new thing to me. Morning in Court. Afternoon at the Office. Evening with Richardson at the Federal Street Theatre. The Comedy of Errors. I have never seen it performed before. The Dromios were tolerably like each other. Hackett and Barnes.1 Interlude, The Citizen,2 Mr. Hackett’s Stories and Monsieur Tonson.3 Fatiguing. Supped with Richardson at the Exchange.


James Henry Hackett (1800–1871), an American actor, and John Barnes, the English comedian (Odell, Annals N.Y. Stage , 3:191–192; Ireland, Records of the N.Y. Stage, 1:316–317; 2:365).


A farce by Arthur Murphy.


A farce by William T. Moncrieff.