Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Wednesday 24th.

Friday 26th.

Thursday 25th. CFA


Thursday 25th. CFA
Thursday 25th.

Hand still troublesome. Morning at the Office, at Mrs. Frothingham’s and in Court. Abby has come to town for the remainder of the week. In Court all the afternoon listening to the Charge of the Judge to the Jury upon the trial of a man for his life, for cruelty and hard treatment of a sailor, he being a master of a vessel, and for ordering him to go up the rigging when he was not able to support himself whereby he fell into the Sea. It was an aggravated case of rough treatment but not sufficient, as I thought, to subject him to a capital punishment. I left the Court before the Judge had closed being obliged to go to Long Wharf to look after some things which belonged to me. My books which have at last arrived. In the evening I went with Abby to a party at Mrs. Coolidge’s. It is the first large one to which I have been. My acquaintance as yet is very limited. I knew only Miss Virginia Foster and Abby Quincy. Miss Marshall was there. Pretty but not so handsome as she is pronounced. Mrs. Eliot and Mrs. Rogers1 were there also. Returned at eleven o’clock.


Presumably Mrs. Lloyd N. Rogers, the former Eliza Law. See entry for 14 Sept., and note, above.