Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Monday. 5th.

Wednesday 7th.

Tuesday. 6th. CFA


Tuesday. 6th. CFA
Tuesday. 6th.

My time is at last pretty much at my own disposal and I am progressing in the study of my Profession. This morning before breakfast was devoted to writing a letter to my Father upon the subject of my expenses which are likely to be greater than I had apprehended.1 I then called at Miss Welsh’s by request who wished to consult me about my Mother’s picture, wherein I am in favour of alteration. The remainder of the day was devoted to the Office, Selwyn and Cruise. And the evening was occupied in the same manner at home.


JQA had planned to give Charles an allowance of $800 a year, payable quarterly. CFA, denying that he had ever “been unwarrantably extravagant,” declared that his engagement to Abigail imposed heavy expenses upon him; when she was in Boston, he had to bear “the whole care of her in going to evening parties,” and when she was in Medford, he was obliged to rent a horse and gig in order to make his frequent visits. “Under these circumstances,” he wrote his father, “I must candidly state that the sum you mentioned for my support, although . . . ample for me individually, . . . cannot cover the expenses of the nature alluded to” (CFA to JQA, 6 Nov. 1827, Adams Papers).