Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Sunday 25th.

Tuesday. 27th.

Monday 26th. CFA


Monday 26th. CFA
Monday 26th.

Returned to Boston with Mr. Brooks. Morning at the Office. My spirits sink almost insensibly, certainly against my will when I find myself with a prospect of being so long without seeing Abby. In the afternoon Richardson called upon me and passed the afternoon at my room. Our conversation was very desultory. In the evening I attended the Moot Court and sat as a Judge.1 We had an amusing discussion afterwards upon the propriety of repealing the Law making Stockholders liable in corporations for the amount of their debts, and some points of order. Richardson and I afterwards adjourned to a Supper of Venison, and I returned rather late.


The made-up case concerned a minor who failed to pay a note he had given to cover his board while at Harvard. CFA as judge held “the capability of an Infant to contract in writing for necessaries (and no further) as fully established by the cases cited by the Counsel at Bar” (CFA, Law Miscellanies, M/CFA/17, Adams Papers, Microfilms, Reel No. 311).