Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Saturday. 22d.

Monday. 24th.

Sunday. 23d. CFA


Sunday. 23d. CFA
Sunday. 23d.

Very cold this morning. Did not go out as I was confident I should not be able to escape dining at Dr. Gorham’s. The family seemed so ill at ease yesterday by my being there I was determined I would not inflict a repetition of the same. Not very worthily occupied at home principally because I have no steady occupation. I went to George’s room at four and conversed with him; he was much better. Drank tea 196there and then walked to Mrs. Frothingham’s. Found Abby and Julia Gorham there with some other company, parishioners of Mr. F. on their Sunday visit. Returned home early but the weather was severely cold. Sidney Brooks has arrived but I have not seen him.