Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Tuesday. 8th.

Thursday. 10th.

Wednesday. 9th. CFA


Wednesday. 9th. CFA
Wednesday. 9th.

Morning reading President’s Messages until breakfast. From that time until Dinner it was all idling. I took an early dinner at Dr. Welsh’s with George in order to go out to the funeral of Mr. Boylston. We went in a Carriage with Drs. Shattuck1 and Welsh, but did not arrive there until the last Ceremony was commencing. Mr. B. had no relations beyond his immediate descendants, and we therefore ranked in the second row of mourners. Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Adams were there and in the same Carriage with us as we accompanied him to the grave. The funeral had but little solemnity in it. I regretted his loss as he was a kind and hospitable man and his house is one of the few places which I can remember with complete satisfaction as never having done otherwise than enjoy myself in it. His character was a mixed one and I did not know enough of it’s real qualities, good or bad, to form any opinion, nor did I have the heart to desire. With his death, his family will sink however. His wife seemed but little affected and the burden of his latter days must have been such as to make his death rather a relief. Returned early, drank tea at Dr. Welsh’s and passed the evening at my own room reading and copying Record.


George Cheyne Shattuck (1783–1854), the leading physician in Boston ( DAB ).