Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Tuesday. 15th.

Thursday. 17th.

Wednesday. 16th. CFA


Wednesday. 16th. CFA
Wednesday. 16th.

Arose early and read this morning some public Documents in relation to the question of Internal Improvements. Went to the Office and read Blackstone. In the afternoon I copied as usual and begin at length to see the end to this business. The weather has again changed and the ground covered with snow. Went to the Theatre this evening and saw Mrs. Sloman in the part of Jane Shore.1 I was tempted as the Play was one I had never seen and she is a good performer. I say good for I was not entirely pleased with her performance. She overlooked some passages of considerable bearing and she was not up to the most sublime but her conception was, notwithstanding, generally correct, her enunciation forcible. She is capable as far as she goes, and although she does not rival the lofty passion for which Mrs. Siddons2 has rendered herself so famous, yet it is a gratification to find in her many excellent qualities amidst the shocking barrenness of the rest of our Actors. A little interlude called Love in humble life,3 and Patrick, the Poor Soldier, closed the Scene. I have seen it often and Keene himself in the part.


Nicholas Rowe’s Tragedy written in Imitation of Shakespear’s Style.


Mrs. Sarah Kemble Siddons (1755–1831), the famous English actress.


A play by John Howard Payne.