Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Thursday. 31st.

Saturday. 2d.

Friday February 1st. CFA


Friday February 1st. CFA
Friday February 1st.

Reading Middleton before breakfast. At the Office reading Blackstone. Conversation with George. Mr. Webster came to the Office. He looks very badly as I think. In the afternoon went to Mrs. Frothingham’s and passed the afternoon with Abby. Returned to dress and went with Abby to a party at Mrs. Salisbury’s.1 I don’t know the people and only received an Invitation upon Abby’s account. The ball was as pleasant as usual, more of a crowd and many youngsters, and I was as usual glad to get home.


Mrs. Samuel Salisbury, whose husband was a Boston merchant, lived at 29 Sumner Street ( Boston Directory, 1829–1830).