Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Friday. 15th.

Sunday. 17th.

Saturday 16th. CFA


Saturday 16th. CFA
Saturday 16th.

Wrote to my Mother but did not finish my letter before breakfast. The weather was unpleasant and it snowed. Went to the Office where I received a letter from my Mother without any expression of a wish that I should go on although the invitation is mentioned, which confirms me in the correctness of my decision. Finished my letter and sent it.1 Went over to inquire respecting Ward Brooks and found that Mr. Brooks was preparing to go on with Mrs. Frothingham in consequence of receiving information of a character still more unfavourable. It makes the family a little melancholy. I went to Mrs. Frothingham’s and found her about to start. Mrs. Everett was in town and asked me to ride out in the Carriage with her, and Henry and also Julia Gorham who is going out to accompany Abby during the absence of her parents. The afternoon was passed in reading and in conversation, and in the evening had some conversation with Abby.