Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Tuesday. 25th.

Thursday. 27th.

Wednesday. 26th. CFA


Wednesday. 26th. CFA
Wednesday. 26th.

Greek Philosophy in the morning. Then at the Office reading Blackstone. Wrote a Note to Abby,1 as it is decided that I shall not see Medford this week. Hitherto it has not been dull to me. But my spirits are very variable. Conversation with George. He seems always getting into trouble. Had he been what he ought, my labour would have been saved, and my feelings quieted. Afternoon, Edwards’ History. My usual walk, part of the way with Mr. Charles Paine, a student at law.2 Evening at home, reading Cicero, George came in and sat a few minutes, conversation of little or no moment. We mutually avoid unpleasant subjects. Executive Record kept me later than usual. Spirits were tolerable.




Charles Cushing Paine, Harvard 1827, who later practiced law in Boston.