Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Wednesday 21st.

Friday. 23rd.

Thursday. 22nd. CFA


Thursday. 22nd. CFA
Thursday. 22nd.

Rain still continued with the simple variation of being harder than ever. Morning at the Office reading Blackstone. Afternoon, went to Mrs. Frothingham’s at the hazard of being drenched and saw Abby. She is tired of remaining in town during this dull weather. As I thought it would be disarranging the comforts of Mr. and Mrs. F., I left her before tea not to return for the day. Stopped at George’s Office for a few moments and then went to my room, but it seemed cold and cheerless, so that I did not sit up longer than to look over a Review of the Life of Napoleon and a little of Voltaire’s Louis 14th.