Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Tuesday. 27th.

Thursday 29th.

Wednesday. 28th. CFA


Wednesday. 28th. CFA
Wednesday. 28th.

Morning at the Office, but found it impossible to read. The motion that is going on around one and the idea that you are alone while all about you are gone to amuse themselves renders attention to a book difficult. This is commonly called Election day for it is the day upon which the old political year ceases and the government for the new one is constituted. This is done by the meeting of the Legislature, an address or rather Sermon after the old style, &ca., all which to those who are mere lookers on in Venice, is excessively tedious.1 I stood on my feet much of the morning conversing with many young men, but was glad to return home to dinner. Afternoon, Executive Record, a short walk, being already much fatigued, and evening, Cicero.


The General Court assembled at 10 o’clock, and, after the Senate chose Sherman Leland President and the House elected William B. Calhoun Speaker, both bodies proceeded to the Old South Church for the traditional election day sermon by the Rev. James Walker (Columbian Centinel, 31 May 1828).