Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Thursday. 3rd.

Saturday. 5th.

Friday. 4th. CFA


Friday. 4th. CFA
Friday. 4th.

Morning cold but pleasant. Passed the morning in conversation with Abby and reading the last number of the North American Review. The pleasure of quiet like this on such a day is extremely great to me who hate fuss. It is a good general principle to keep up this anniversary but to me as an individual the day brings no privileges and is consequently of little extraordinary value. Edward Brooks called at Medford in the morning with his children. I rode with Abby there in the afternoon. Found Mrs. Boott and a large part of her family there which induced us to shorten our visit and return. Quiet evening at home. Mr. Brooks went to Andover and brought down a cousin of Abby’s on a visit.