Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Saturday. 12th.

Monday. 14th.

Sunday. 13th. CFA


Sunday. 13th. CFA
Sunday. 13th.

Morning quite pleasant. Remained at the house and finished the third Volume of Hutchinson after which I went and strolled along the bank of the Canal for about a mile. The luxuriant beauty of the vegetation and the striking sweetness of the spot attracted me on until I became startled by the lowering appearance of the Clouds and hastened home though not quite before the shower commenced did I reach it. Afternoon at Meeting. Heard my classmate Samuel K. Lothrop preach in the pulpit. What I had long expected has happened. I have seen him as a Minister of God and a more frail one, if I know him at all, has seldom attempted to reach the throne of Grace. My reflections and reminiscences upon this subject are not pleasant. Evening in quiet conversation with Abby. My life now is perhaps as happy on the whole at this time as it ever will be. My mind has but one single cloud before it. I trust in God.