Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Wednesday. 6th.

Friday. 8th.

Thursday. 7th. CFA


Thursday. 7th. CFA
Thursday. 7th.

Rode to Boston this morning with Mr. Brooks in my gig. Morning 265at the Office reading Saunders which I find to be but a dull book. The law has become rather tedious to me. Met Abby at the Jeweller’s where she went to obtain a present for Miss Charlotte Gray whose engagement to Mr. Ignatius Sargent is just announced. Executive Record in the afternoon and finished the review of Cicero for Archias. Went to see Abby by request and found myself in a variety of engagements for tomorrow and next day. Rode out of town early in order to move my room upstairs to make way for the accommodation of my father who is now expected every day. Thomas B. and Elizabeth C. Adams had returned from Portland and I passed the evening in conversation.