Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Thursday. 14th.

Saturday. 16th.

Friday. 15th. CFA


Friday. 15th. CFA
Friday. 15th.

Not having any thing in particular to call me to Boston, I decided upon remaining at Quincy through the day. My time was passed in reading—a pamphlet of Governor Bernard upon the State of the Colonies, written previous to the Revolution,1 and also, some articles in the Biographia Brittanica. In the afternoon, my father and some of our family went to visit an encampment of a Boston Company now here in active service. I read the Voyage of Captain Popanilla by the author of Vivian Grey.2 Not so good but still pleasant. In the evening, the Officers of the Rangers came by invitation to drink tea, and they brought their band. Chapman of my Class is their 1st Lieutt. I was on the whole, glad to have it over.


Presumably Francis Bernard’s Select Letters on the Trade and Government of America, London, 1774.


Benjamin Disraeli, The Voyage of Captain Popanilla, London, 1828.