Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Wednesday 3rd.

Friday. September 5th.

Thursday. 4th. CFA


Thursday. 4th. CFA
Thursday. 4th.

Returned to Boston with Abby whom I left at Mrs. Frothingham’s, then to the Office. Found the accounts from home rather more favourable. At the Office reading, but not so profitably as I ought to have done. Afternoon, reading the speeches of Messrs. Giles and Bayard on the bill relating to the Judiciary.1 Then called at Mrs. Frothingham’s to see Abby but found she had left town, upon which I left myself, with George. On our arrival at Quincy, we found the President had gone out on a fishing party with the gentlemen of the town. On their return they announced an unsuccessful day, on account of the violence of the wind. It was rather a singular day to attempt an expedition of the kind. I felt sleepy and retired early. John had recovered.


In the 1801 debate on the Federalist “judiciary reform measure” and the Jeffersonian attempts to repeal the act, Representative James Asheton Bayard, of Delaware (1767–1815), vigorously upheld the Federalist position, and William Branch Giles, of Virginia, defended the Republican view ( Annals of Congress , 7 Cong., 1 sess., p. 603–627, 579–602).